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Global Astrology week of April 23rd

I freely admit having to struggle with understanding what they mean by all this. Some of it is immediatly clear, and some of it not so much. This is one of those areas in which I"m trying to increase my knowledge, so, in the upcoming months, you can expect to see more there.

From Aquarius Papers - Global Astrology website:

Sun in Taurus - Earth is on the Return

by Robert Wilkinson

Finally! The drought of no planets in Earth signs just ended this morning when the Sun returned to Taurus. Except for a few days over the next few months, we're finally past the long period we've been in where planets were very infrequently in Earth signs. Earth will be more of a constant factor between now and 2025, except for a few days in the near future.

I discussed some of this in Astrology Imbalances in March 2007 - There Are No Planets in Earth Signs Right Now where there's another link to why this is important, and how it affects all of us. It has to do with the proportion of Elements at any given moment, which is the atmosphere of how Spirit, Mind, Feelings, and Matter are interrelated, affecting the collective consciousness as well as the collective unconscious.

Since Taurus is the sign symbolizing how we can enjoy our time here to a greater degree, it's a month to allow the light of this gentle, stable, and peaceful sign to permeate our being and show us the way to authentic, enjoyable self expression, "gentling down" into a calm stability the recent agitations of Aries. I'll post the coming week's trends soon.

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April 20, 2007

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