Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm considering a move to WordPress. Partly because this blog is tied to an email/google account, so if I want to write I can't check any other google accounts, kind of sucks.

The other reason, I am really trying to write, and I'd like feedback, and I just don't seem to be getting it here.

However, this site is so much more user friendly, and WordPress seems to require a little more time to figure my way through it.

Will see, so for the time being I am thinking I will cross post to both blogs, and see which seems to be more popular.

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Gwenny said...

Not to discourage you from WordPress, but what browser do you use? I use Chrome and it let's me login to mail on five different accounts at work. What you can use is limited, for instance you could probably only blog from one account or read your Google docs, but if it's just email you need, try clicking on your username up on the right and see if you get the "log into another account" message.