Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Burning Times

So in another incarnation I came across an idjit that used the two articles below as "evidence" that the Burning Times are still happening.

Truly, I did try to ignore it for a few days, but, I'm sorry, I can't resist.

Couple burned alive for "black magic"
Yahoo article

"HYDERABAD, India (Reuters) - An elderly Indian husband and wife were burnt to death after villagers accused them of practicing black magic, tied them together on a pyre and set them on fire, police said Thursday.......Last year, a barber in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh killed his four-year-old son by slitting his throat with a razor after the man started seeing visions of the Hindu goddess Kali demanding a sacrifice."

~First of all, what they perceive as "black magic" in India has NO relation to the heresies practiced during the Inquisition, but we'll get to that. This is the point where I get to remind all those obtuse dim wits that Kali is NOT a sparkly loving Mama Goddess. Not to mention, he killed his own son, how in the heck is that evidence?~

White witch 'sacked for days off'
BBC article

"She had 21.5 days off during her six-month probationary period."

~uumm, what? and this is evidence how?

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there was some misunderstanding going on here, but the reality is simple, she agreed to do a job, and she didn't do it. This is one of those cases that make me clench my jaw. As a teacher your first duty is to your students, and in this case there is enough evidence to prove that this woman, a teachers ASSISTENT, was lacking in confidence to begin with. She asked how much she should disclose, and she was told to not do it. And frankly, I don't want any teacher disclosing their religious beliefs in the classroom, it has no place there. Now, if she wants to get a job at a Wiccan school, that is different. But what the heck did she expect, she's in the religious studies dept????~

I want to know, did the guy who posted this every bother to really do an iota of research on the Burning Times?? Heck, even Starhawk has backpedaled in light of new scholarship and research.

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