Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You've got to be kidding me

So from the First Amendment Center we have this article

Choice between their God and their Job?

"Muslim taxi drivers and Christian pharmacists have very different beliefs and work in very different professions. But now they share a painful dilemma: By following their consciences, they risk losing their jobs.
Religious accommodations are often difficult to make, but upholding religious freedom is worth the effort. If at all possible (it isn’t always), the government should avoid putting people to what Justice Potter Stewart called “a cruel choice” between their God and their job."

Choice between their God and their Job???

You're kidding me right?

Frankly, political correctness is seriously starting to get on my nerves. Phramacists are whining about how prescribing the morning after pill is the same as giving a rape victim an abortion, and is against thier religious beliefs.

Now, folks have been bending over backwards to accomodate them, but in reality, they want to force their religious beliefs down the throats of their unsuspecting customers. Because that is really what it means. And I cry bullsh*t.

A few Muslim cab drivers don't want people in their cabs carrying alcohol or dogs?

Well, at the airport about the only folk with dogs are going to be disabled, with service animals, so basically religious fundamentalism trumps basic human kindness.

Frankly, if their God is really that close minded, I am gratefull to not be a Christian or Muslim.

But back to the real debate: The First Amendment does not guarantee that you can discriminate against people at your job because of your personal religious beliefs, it does not say that you can refuse service, what it does say, is that the government shall not make any laws prohibiting the free and PERSONAL religious observations.

It will not prohibit the free assembly, it will not prohibit the free expersssion of the individual.

But see, there was once a great man who said: "Your rights end, where my nose begins."

If you don't want to hand out specific prescriptions, then stand up for your beliefs and get a new job. If you don't want a damn dog in your cab, well then, get a new job.

But you don't get to inflict your individual, personal, religious intolerance on the rest of the world, newsflash, you just aren't that special. And tying up our courts with your damn specialness is just disgusting.

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My thoughts exactly.