Saturday, May 5, 2007

Discrimination, what is and what isn't

Real case, handled by reasonable and rational folk:

Now here is an excellant article that shows how adults handle discrimination

"UW-Madison Settles Religious Discrimination Case

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has agreed to award 250-thousand-dollars in student fees, next year, to a Catholic student group to settle its religious discrimination lawsuit. Both the university and the UW Roman Catholic Foundation praised the agreement, which settles a federal lawsuit filed after the university refused to recognize the group, last year.

The UW agreed to award fees for the group's student activities, ranging from prayer gatherings to speeches, and classes in theology. But, the student group agreed to establish itself as a separate entity from St. Paul's Catholic Church and not seek funding for masses, weddings, funerals, or other events controlled by ordained clergy.

The Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal group that represented the foundation, says the agreement will help end religious discrimination on college campuses. University spokesman Casey Nagy says the settlement is beneficial to both sides and will give students the chance to join an organization that complies with requirements for school recognition and funding."

~Nice, the student group receives their funding, and agree to NOT practice behaviors and activities reserved for ordained clergy. It's a good compormise, and allows for other religious groups to form legitimately on the campus.~

Fake case, fake people, only out to get into the spotlight and make all of our lives harder
Now here is an article that highlights all that is wrong, and why we keep getting a bad rap:
link to article

A teen girl came to school with a pentagram on her cheek on May 2nd, supposedly as an observation of Beltane. I cry bullshit:

"Andy Pecenke, the teen's father, said that he and his wife, as well as his daughter are all Pagan. "I've been a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids for 13 years," Pecenke stated.

"If it was a part of her faith that everyone of her faith does this on May Day, then I would say our apologies to the child and the parent," he said. "But that isn't the case here."

In response to the entire ordeal, Pencenke stated that, "If I get an apology from the school, I'll be happy. It is discrimination and a violation of civil rights. If harassment continues, then I might have to take legal action. I would prefer to not go that route."

Unfortunately, Miss Pecenke was sent home yet again today for displaying numerous pentagrams on her face. Something tells me this is far from over, so we'll have to wait and see how this plays out in the future."

~I can't blame the journalist for their sarcasm, because this is not a case of religious discrimination. First of all, our rites are personal, between us and deity. The school has a valid point, there is NO supporting history or evidence that a 1-2 inch pentacle on her cheek is an expression of her religious faith. Oh Gods, and now they are going to use it as an excuse to SUE???

Yeah, there you have it, they think they'll get some money out of it and get to look all holy and righteous at the same time.

Bigots on Parade
Bing's Blog

"Christian groups are up in arms regarding the inclusion of homosexuals under the federal hate crimes legislation that recently passed in the House. They fear that if homosexuals are protected from hate crimes that they will no longer be able to express their religious views. To protect homosexuals is to deny the church the opportunity to discriminate against them, hold them in contempt or condemn them to hell.

The James Dobson's and the "God hates Faggots" crowd contend that to deny them their bigotry is infringing on their right to religious freedom. I feel for them, I do. Because hate is such a hard thing to shake and an easy thing to justify. I could go on and on about the hypocrisy of homophobia and the teachings of Jesus, but that's a moot point. It's so obvious it doesn't need to be brought up. I'm not anti-Christian or anti-religious but I am anti discrimination and anti bigot. "

WOW,the level of hate and ugliness that humans can lower themselves to never ceases to amaze and grieve me. Compared to the little teeny bopper who can color pentacles all over her face, kind of puts it all into perspective, doesn't it?



Hmm...could this really happen in a society of good people? I don't think so. I think a society of good people would have none of these problems. You would not have to have legislation and lawsuits to prevent discrimination, because there would be none. But, then, I guess that means that good people don't exist.

I'll prove it: take the Good Person Test and see how you do! Nope, no such thing as a good person.

Blackthorn.Huntress said...

**snort** well seeing as how I am not Christian, and that is the narrow way you have chosen to define a "good person" so narrowly. To bad you set yourself up as God and have passed judgement on 80% of the worlds population.

LadyJane said...

There are plenty of good people in the world. Unfortunately there will always be those who choose to judge. You will find them in every race, and every group.

LadyJane said...

Oh I forget a part. There seems to be more judgement in those who would thump their beliefs on others than almost anywhere else. I've had quite enough of if I don't think this or that I will go to hell. There are plenty who would say they believe in God and engage in some of the worst behaviors imaginable.