Thursday, February 8, 2007


So I'm surfin the 'net, and what do I find, but a wonderfully satirical essay on Fundamentalism.

Yes, it was too good to pass up, and edit just a tad.

* ... you think a belief based on anything other than Silver Raving Fluff is an arbitrary whim.

* ... you sincerely believe that is best for them because supposedly Silver's revelations have deadened your perception of observational moral realities.

* ... most of what you think you know about the world outside your tradition, was found in books you bought from a capitalist publisher, because they treat your choice of dogma with favoritism.

* ... you think you know what Wicca teaches from reading Wicca for Dummies, because they obviously are so much smarter then Gardner.

* ... you think you understand Wiccan history just because you watch the Discovery Channel.

* ... you think you understand 20th century paganism by reading Paganism for Dummies.

* ... you think you know about all the contradictions in the bible by reading Silver Raven Fluff.

* ... since you accept pre-suppositions as if it were natural to all human beings, you assume that everybody else is thinking inside a box too, just the wrong box.

* ... since you only associate with people who substitute childlike suggestibility for critical thought, you think everybody else is suggestible to outside influences too, they just have the wrong influences.

* ... you think everybody really knows that your central tenets are right, and are just refusing to admit it because of arrogance and old age.

* ... you think this list should be about your doctrinal statement, and are surprised that it is about the mental methods by which you arrived at your conclusions.

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