Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh My Gods.... I am a OPPRESSOR!

Sorry, but you know me, just cannot help the little snarky tib bits at times.

So, apparently Frog Hippy, aka Sapphoq, aka Spike, aka Spike Q Witch, aka Blue Space Goddess, aka HOP, aka Resistent Witches, aka......(I'm sure there are more but really that isn't what this post is about), has decided to police the police, oh wait, I meant, oppress the oppressors!!!!!!

Oh please, can you get over youself already?!?!?!

While I freely admit, AGAIN for those that missed it before, there are folk who occasionally go way over the line into trollish and bullying behavior, this girl and her buddy ERF, have decided they are going to be the saviors of pagan community.

Hey ya'll, sound familar?

Anyway, for a good giggle, check them out:

Okay that should be enough to get you all started.

Have fun.


ElderJoan said...

Well given they are short on staff other than the 12 identities between them, I don't really know how they are going to do it. I guess posting names of some who are respected in the pagan community and infering that they endorse your actions is a start eh? I think recruiting newbies into a war that they would know little to nothing about is nothing short of predatory and sick. My retirement might just be a bit delayed.

The Witch of the North said...

Wow...just sad. They have multiple personalities trolling the internet, and multiple websites and blogs saying the same things over and over. they think ANYONE will listen to them when they are obviously on the crazy side?

Admiral Byrd said...

Between them they have enough spin to keep someone in the Oval Office.

Like ERF's boards getting shut down because people were teh meeeeeen!!!! and not because his sites were full of copyright violations.

Methinks the ummm how ever many there are of them have been nippin at the grog just a tiny bit too much.

The Admiral