Friday, March 2, 2007

**snort** Yeah right, ERF and Sapphoq

So, over at the bunnytrail, , ERF and Sapphoq have created two new trolls, MerlyntheGreat and ifindpeace, like they're stupid and cannot do an ip trace, or figure out from your idiotic language and writing style, see spelling errors below.

Well it ain't rocket science. You two start blogs like most people change their underwear, oh wait, that would be the freaking understatement of the year, no one changes their underwear THAT often.

Starting a blog to defend yourself, under a sockpuppet, and expecting people to actually believe you is just sheer idiocy.

Their new moronic blog:

A few words to the wise, it's "sole" not "soul" and "know" not "now". There's more, but thought this would show that you two haven't learned jack shit. You're both still idiots, and still snark worthy.

If it wasn't so infantile, it would almost be funny, as it stands, they're just pathetic.

Edit: **snicker** it just occurred to me, shades of The Matrix, so are we to infer that ERF is "The One" hehehehe


Anonymous said...

"double snort"

Admiral Byrd said...

Could it be that Sapphoq has the hots for ERF?

The Witch of the North said...

I'm starting to wonder on that one, admiral!

The Witch of the North said...

Another thing...

That is the funniest post! Doesn't she remember that he was "taught by Ireland's oldest Druid family"? Or does she have selective memory? It wasn't ALWAYS a "family tradition" for eRF.