Saturday, March 3, 2007

Why I keep getting called names

Apparently my snarking has caused a counter movement. Now, I personally find this vastly amusing, that anyone would create a counter movement because of my snarking is absolutely hilarious, and quite silly.

so, I'll say it again, because they seem to have missed it the first dozen or so times:

My beef with ERF is simple, he still insists that he has the right to teach teens. That teens should keep secrets from their parents, and if their parents do not approve of paganism, then they should LIE to them.

I'm a Mom first and a Witch second, and I am here to tell you, as a Mom,

FUCK YOU and the horse you rode in one.

Actually as a Witch with ethics, I'd still have the same thing to say to you.

No one has the right to teach my children jack diddly squat behind my back.

No one has the right to tell my children it is okay to keep secrets from me.

No one has the right to tell my children it is okay to lie to me.

And that goes for anyone else's children as well.

Now, if anyone happens to be interested in an excellent article on Religious Instruction and Teens, go here:

But, if what you really want is to keep teaching your brand of bullshit, without parental permission, then as a Mother and as a Priestess to the Mother Goddess, I'm here to get in your face, every day, every way. Get used to it. Because I will not quit until you change your behavior.

Got it? Good!


Admiral Byrd said...
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Admiral Byrd said...

Sing it Sistah, that's it in a nutshell.

Greetings from up here in the crow's nest. Here's a couple of links I'm not sure you have

Blackthorn.Huntress said...

Got 'em thanks

Admiral Byrd said...

And one other place you may not be aware of.

Admiral Byrd said...

And another piece of information for you. The "Charlene" on the Yahoo group e-mail witches who portrays themselves as semi-literate and a supporter of ERF is the same "Charlene" who carries on theological discussions with no spelling issues at

And another sockpuppet perhaps?

Ravan Asteris said...

Egad!! How many blithering blogs does eRF have? Does he even have a life, other than spewing nonsense and crying about persecution?

I think the last I checked Google Blogs I counted six. The boy has no life.

Admiral Byrd said...

Check out this link..

The Admiral