Thursday, March 15, 2007


So, over at Sapphoq's radical blog, she's ranting and raving.

Apparently she was under the impression that she and ERF could run willy nilly all over the Net, post folks contact info, names, etc, and no one would say a word. **snicker**

Then she "claims" to have said nothing to no one, but that isn't quite true, is it Spike Q? Did you really honestly believe that your different socks would go unnoticed or untraced? You're not that good.

I'm guessing, that because she hasn't emailed under Sapphoq/Spike Q that we're supposed to leave her blogging site alone. Wrong again!

Also, it seems she has missed the fact that no one is following them around. Oh don't get me wrong, that doesn't mean folk don't pay attention at the numerous little teen yahoo groups they are joining, and trying to recruit folk into their witch war, we just have chosen to not participate in it any longer. After all, they've both shown that converstaion with either one of them is futile, they're only interest is in riling folk up, and creating their own brand of pagan fundamentalism.

Oh, and unlike ERF and Spike, my comments are NOT moderated. Unlike the two of you I'm not afraid of anything you have to say.


The Witch of the North said...

Ah yes. The bored Toxic bunnies are now screaming 'cause they want more attention.

How sad, they have nothing else in their lives.

Sapphoq was on "email witches" (yahoo group) defending eRF, saying his "illness" causes him to be mean.

I argued that having Fibromyalgia is NOT unique to him, and doesn't make other people act like ranting, raving, delusional lunatics. Nice enough that a bunch of people on the group agreed with me (since apparently many have debilitating, painful illnesses as well).

I mean, come on. What the hell kind of reasoning is that?

I have tissue attached to my spine and fusing my organs together, but I don't act like eRF.


LadyJane said...

I really hate it when folks use illness as an excuse to be rude or treat others badly. I have run across this many times. Oh I have been sick and have been frustrated so I dumped all over you type of response. I can take it from friends as they are your friend and you know they are not normally like that, but when someone comes on a group and behaves like that I do not tolerate it. Besides his is way beyond being rude.

Admiral Byrd said...

Well mateys it's one way of ducking out on responsibility for your actions. Something our dear friend ERF is SO good at doing. It's not his fault..he's sick, so feel sorry for poor widdle ERF.

I call bullshit! Being responsible for your actions is at the core of being a Witch, and one reason he'll never be one.

-The Admiral-