Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Don't Freak

But this entry is going to be a tad different.

As Spring approaches I thought I would share some interesting links. As Pagans, so often we are automatically labelled as "dirt loving tree huggers" LOL, though for many of us that isn't quite accurate, just as not all Pagans are Green Party or Libertarian.

On another list we were discussing the costs of organic farming. Now, while the scientific debate over how fast we are losing top soil due to pesticide and fertilizer is raging, and with little consenus, there are ways that organic food can be affordable.

The number one key to buying organic, is to make sure you are supporting local organic farmers and ranches. Because then there is little transportation costs. I'm not saying you can't have the more expensive produce, just remmeber, that you are paying more becuase it had to be shipped X number of miles, not JUST because it is organic.

So, every summer, there is a local organic farm, and for 15 dollars my partner rides around on the 'hay ride'. The 'hay ride' takes a little over 2 hours, because it stops for 10-15 minutes at every field, and at every field he gets two bags to fill with whatever produce is grown in that field. There is usually anywhere from 10-15 different fields. He comes home with bags of corn, squash, tomatoes, lettuce, greens, different fruits and veggies, all, for 15 bucks.

Yeah, organic farmins is SOOOOOOO expensive, not.

There are other ways to do this, one local Farmers Market, offers the chance to pre-purchase a weekly basket (35-45 bucks a basket) overflowing with fruits and veggies. (size would be one of those 1/2 bushel basket, you don't get to keep the basket, but you do bring it home, then return it for exchange on your next basket).

Of course, there is always the Markets, they are a little pricier, and you do need to shop around to find the good ones.

Or, find a local CSA Farm, CSA's, community supported agriculture. They offer "plans" which differ, one of our farms offers a "share" in the farm, for a family of 4, it is 600 a year, and you get a basket a week from March through October. This particular farm also offers the choice, you can pay less, if you agree to come out and work 8 hours a week durning harvesting season. (and yes, they have jobs for those of us who can't be too physical). They offer 1/2 shares for smaller families as well.

So, here are several links to get everyone going, eat healthy and save money.

Farms, Markets, etc

Nutrition information sheets


Enjoy your summer and Happy Ostara

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