Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Proof that ERF and Merlin are the same

It never fails to amuse me, give them enough time, and they will hang themselves.

ERF is Merlin, as posted by himself in a new Yahoo teen group he's joined, err, trolling.

"This is a warning to all Pagans, and Withes a like. When faced with
these people, do not back down. Remain strong in your faith. Do not
let them bring fear into your heart. Hold onto the God, and Goddess.
If you need help with these people please email me at:
Me, along with other Witches are banning together to stop these
people. We are not alone anymore."

What a dumbass, but whatever. He obviously is bored, no one wants to debate with him anymore, because he has proven again and again that he has no desire to change and grow.

But, I must be honest here, I truly feel fear and trepidation for the teens whom he may come in contact with.


julie said...
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Joy said...
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LadyJane said...

try this link

LadyJane said...

so now were withes. "snort"

Admiral Byrd said...

What's interesting at PaganSafehouse is that ERF is posting under both of his Yahoo ID's. Can we say Troll my children?

I knew you could.

-The Admiral-

The Witch of the North said...

I guess they're bored that no one is fighting with them.

The Witch of the North said...

Adding: I'm hurt I wasn't included in his list of "bad pagans". Dammit! I guess I have to work on my snarkiness with toxic bunnies.

LadyJane said...

Dont feel bad, I was listed and I don't even belong to dot_bunnyhunt. My site is closed and he knows it but he just keeps stabbing me in the back. All is fair now as he has shown what he truly is.