Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Really now

You are just so special. Not to long ago, you and your buddy asked several "bunny hunters" who died and made them the pagan police. LMAO and now your the what? the Witch police police? hehehehe I find the whole thing vastly amusing, and please note, this is my only blog in which I comment on this trend. So, I've gotta ask;


ERF blogs:

ERF and Sapphoq

This one is ERF, Sapphoq, LIA, Frog Hippy and Blue Space Goddess, and someone called Dog.

This one is owned by two socks, ifindpeace and MerlyntheGreat IMHO, ERF and Sapphoq

Sapphoq, follow the links to her numerous blogs, it's nuts.

These two blogs come back 404 not found.


Anonymous said...

I'm planning to seperate all of my posts out to one blog each. If I do this I should have more than them. "snort"

dementor commentor said...

not ERF.

not Sapphoq.
This one is owned by two socks, ifindpeace and MerlyntheGreat IMHO, ERF and Sapphoq

The Witch of the North said...

So Sapphoq/Spike Q LIED when she said she "found" the "Resistant Witches" site? She actually states on her blog that she owns the site.

She has many socks....including SpaceyBlue and FrogHippie.

She's as bad as eRF.

Blackthorn.Huntress said...

ERF and Sapphoq have both claimed resistant-witches.

Admiral Byrd said...

Looks like ERFy is a moving stuff around again. Some blogs gone, some new ones asproutin like weeds. He's like a damned cockroach spreading shit everywhere.

Gone are:

The Witch That Lives
The Bunny Wars
Defending the Ones:

And added to his ration of teh stoopid are

Meadow of Aradia:
Resistant Witches:
The Summerland:

Amusingly they have forums attached to which it appears only ERF, his sock-puppet wife LIA, and the Spikey/Spacey/Dog are posting there...if you don't count Merlyn..and Merlyn we all know is an ERF sock-puppet who used to "host" Defending the Ones.

And looky here, yet another sockpuppet??? Who is this Jeremy - born in the year of the dog? Could it be......

Well, Mateys..time to polish up the telescope and scan that horizon again. Can't tell where the lubbers will be by dawn.

The Admiral