Saturday, February 17, 2007

The "Perils" of Blogging

Excellant new e-zine. I would heartily encourage all to support them.

They've started a great new "corner" Veiled Issues Debate Corner, this issue is a debate

The two articles are "In Defense of Bunny Hunting" and the opposition "Perils of, and Alternatives to, Bunny Hunting"

Mind, I already got a little pissy, because apparently I'm not allowed to have a personal blog in which I write my personal (ok, sarcastic, snarky and often bitchy) comments about things/people/situations I run across on the Net.

But then I thought I'd been pretty clear and upfront about how I felt. If someone wants to publicly blog something that I find personally repungant, repulsive, idiotic, hilarious, absolutely moronic, well then I am going to say something. No one said you must read my commentary. No one said you must agree with me. Oh well, to each his or her own.

In the mean time, please do go read both articles. They are both fairly well written, and offer opposing views in a decent manner.



ElderJoan said...

Intersting article by the opposition. Funny how they felt free to list links to blogs in an attempt to shame them, and yet they don't support what bunnytrails is doing??? Did I miss something here?

The Witch of the North said...

Yep..."hi pot, my name's kettle!"

Sheta & Meridjet said...


Thanks for the link back to the site. We appreciate it. Feel free to write your own perspective as well, and submit it for publication. We'd be happy to take a look.

Sheta Kaey
Rending the Veil Managing Ed.

Blackthorn.Huntress said...

Thanks for your comments, I just might.

Admiral Byrd said...

New site to take a look at: