Tuesday, January 23, 2007

All that is necessary for Evil to triumph

All that is necessary for Evil to triumph is for Good men to do nothing.
-- Edmund Burke

A friend and were discussing whether or not we were bullies because of our mockery of Elder Ravenfire...or as I like to call him, Raving Wackjob.

So, from his latest blog, an excerpt:

"We say that teens, and the younger generation is to blame for the Craft being gothic. And we say, "Oh look, anther satanic teen!" But we never look at why they are like that. It's because of the "older" Witches who will not, do I dare use this word, teach!!!!! the Craft to the teens who want to learn it. And these "older, and wiser" Witches, get these teens to believe they can't learn the Craft until their 18. NO! Teens can learn the Craft too!"

WTF? I mean really lets be serious, like for one moment any pagan would call a teen in goth attire a Satanist. Add to the equation the overwhelming obsession with wearing black by most pagans anyway, and this arguement becomes even more ridiculous.

On top of all of this, he still hasn't answered the primary concern voiced by so many;

Where in the nine hells does he get off teaching teens without parental notification and consent? Where in the nine hells does he get off telling teens it is okay to keep it a secret and lie to their parents?

And because I and other's like me refuse to sit back and allow him to do this, we're the bullies?

Okay, I'll be a pagan bully.

Thank you Have a Nice day.


Scathach of Scythia said...

He gets the "it's okay to lie to your parents" from $RW.

If that is what makes me a bully, then so be it. Seriously though, he will keep doing this, run into a parent who isn't going to sit back and take it lightly and drag him up and down the court steps by his face.

The Witch of the North said...

Can I be a bully too?

I just worry that eRF and LIA are going to be the "face" of young pagans.

It's always the loudest that are seen, never the most intelligent (notice that? anytime someone is talking about Paganism it's always the most outlandish looking or sounding people?)

Blackthorn.Huntress said...

I do agree whole heartedly with you. It is sad. But if we keep putting out correct information, those that are truly on the pathway, will listen. At least I hope so.