Thursday, January 11, 2007

More from EJ

Elder Joan here, Yeah thats rite, its the real EJ not some cheep imatition. I am who eye am. Pretty scary to some folks.

Some folks hail me. All hail EJ. I think I forgot hail in my predecshuns. I speek my mind and some they just laf. If I think a book is getting a "hard" review, then that is a good reezon not to reed it. Peeple think cause Im 21, 20, 29 I forget, that i don't now what I'm taking about. What is that? I'm an in yur face persun.
LIke I'm like ya know Nightmare on EJ street.

My name is on the list of peepol who are on the red list of peepol who are not liking ERF. Yes hes rite up thar with that Silver WolfenRave..whatever. She problee would drown herself if she heerd that one. NO bodee likes ERF or so he says. Poor ERF. Hes just mesunderstud. A man shall watcheth the hestoree channel and verily I say untoo you, he shall teecheth and becom an Elder. Its in the Biible you know.
So now I can post anythun i want hear and no one can stop me..haha ha ha there so thare so their.

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Amirahamjad said...
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LadyJane said...

Oh yeah baby. Look out for those clams.

Joan of Snark