Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Gods I wish I had a rolling on the floor laughing hysterically emoticon.

This is how my fanily Tradition sees an Elder.

An Elder who knows not how to use spell check.

One: You have to be 20, or older.

Well considering you've just turned 22, one would guess that 22 would be considered Elder....

But to be honest, I laughed till my stomach hurt when I read this.

Two: You must have the respect of the family Coven. (The family-not online)

But of course the family, considering the family consists of you and your wife. We all know your cousin has no respect for you, she said so, online. Oh, that must be why you said not online, because no one online respects you.

Three: You must know the Family Trad enough to teach it.

So now you're a Witch, Druid, Elder, High Priest, AND Family Trad? How can you be FamTrad, when you and your wife posted about how your families refused to accept that you had chosen to be pagan? Or is this just another revisionist history?

Four: We see an Elder, and High Priest, and High Priestess as roles you choose to become. They are not titles to be given. The Lord, and Lady gives you these titles. If they are your calling, you will know.

Well of course you do. Because every single member of the community, including your own family members, have all stated that you are not an Elder. In fact, didn't your cousin tell you to grow up?

Five: We respect other Trads, and their view of Elders, and HP, and HPS, and respect their ways, and ask they respect ours.

Bullshit! That is what this. Another ERF lie, do you really think anyone believes you?

Again ERF posts his own personal brand of bullshit, and expects the world to just sit idly by, silent. Sorry but I refuse to be silent in the face of such arrogance and ego.


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The Witch of the North said...

Yup...I posted the same thing on my blog.

Sad, ain't it?