Friday, January 12, 2007

ERF aka EDB Runs away with his tail between his legs

Well it looks like ERF, aka EDB (energizer dummy bunny for those that don't know), has run away like a whining dog with his tail between his legs.

For those arriving late to my snarky look at this so-called 22 year old "Elder" of the craft, (crafting what? bad spelling, poor grammer? doubt it, more like a bad case of delusional paranoia), sorry, I digress, he left this really dinky comment on one of my blogs:

"Elder RavenFire said...

Wow, and you think I'm a nut case?? I think if you have nothing better to do, then follow me around, you got way to much time on your hands. And sending my thoughts about bush to HS, is wow!! I've already sent these thoughts to my congressmen, my Governor, and to bushes staff. I am very active in politics. So I think you, and others who act, and think like you, are the ones with the issues. But thanks for making me very famous over the net. LOL!!!

January 11, 2007 5:47 PM "

Now this was regarding the rather scathing commentary I made regarding his idiocy and his mind numbingly moronic blogs, found here:

Well actually, that is the point, they're not there any more. He's deleted them. Now this isn't the first time, in fact, not too long ago, he had another blog, and of course, I'd commented handily, along with quite a few others who apparently dislike him as much as I do.

So, so much for not caring. Okay, will save my absolute distaste for wussy men for another blog...but I am here to tell you, this guy, seriously people, he is a big fat pussy.

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