Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Silent Treatement

Remember when you were a kid and the other kids gave you the silent treatement? Remember how much it truly sucked beyond belief?

There are religious communites that have a practice called Shunning, it happens when a member of their community violates trust and ethics of that community.

Shunning is adults version of the silent treatement.

So, my vote is we all shun/avoid/disassociate ourselves from ERF and LIA.

Because, as a friend of mine puts it: "At the zoo, there's a sign that says:
Don't Feed the Bears."

That folks is exactly what we've been doing, feeding the bear. It's time to stop.

I'm not advocating that we don't watch him, afterall as you all know I firmly believe at some point he will step over the line and harm someone. For that matter, I believe he may have already, we just can't prove it.

But until that point, let's stop feeding him.

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