Wednesday, January 10, 2007

EJ Rocks!!!

More amusement from Elder Joan

" Well, thees ar my perditions for 2007. To mayk my perditions, I lookd threw
history and studyd the histry channal (my faverot channal). As we alll no I
dont state things about histry out of my rear end. I am worryd about safty,
I perdit that the christian clams will attak. Mankind or Manmean will be
taut afew lessens whin the christian clams start harmming us with theyr
wepons. How curel are those clams! I have gr8 knowlegde of the dumbships,
it's not rocketsince you no. I canknot imagen what those clams are kapable
of. Thay sgould suck off! It is inclear if thay shareing knowlegde with
other countrys. Them clams are raging alkoholics two. I have to shack my
head and rub my eyes. I hope the sorce is wrong about thees clams. But hoo
knows. I also perdit thayt somwhear in the US theyr will bee some snow,
rayn, thunderstorrmz, and hurrycaines. Thees perditions are copirighted by
the following: ERFictionary the dictionary to all things ERF, ERFisms guide
to ERF, the coven of the ERF, ERF's lake, ERF and the bushy boy - a story
about bushy boy by ERF, and also by all the websytes I took thiis perdition
idea's froom."

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