Thursday, January 18, 2007

So sapphoq thinks I'm part of the problem

Apparently you misunderstood what I am pissed and worried about.

So let me be perfectly clear.

As a teacher, I don't think he can do much damage. Anything they learn that is incorrect, eventually, on their own, they'll unlearn, or not care. Fine.

No, my problem with him specifically is that he believes it is okay for him to teach teens without parental consent or notification. In fact, he even preaches SRW's line, that it is okay for teens to lie to their parents about practicing Wicca or witchcraft.

Nope, never gonna happen. If you let kids think it is okay to keep one secret, or okay to lie about one thing, (and FYI in my opinion, lying about your choice of religion is HUGE) then they will justify and rationalize lying about other things, about keeping other secrets.

You're opening a very very dangerous door.

So, think I'm part of the problem. I frankly don't give a flying fuck all what you think. Because, after you posted your little nasty flounce and bounce in his coven group, I lost all respect for you and YOUR way of doing things.

Don't play self righteous holier then thou with me. You hide behind a fake name, you pretended to be a little teeny bopper. Then you posted a bunch of crap and ran away.

Hell, in fact, your blog is under an online name. So who in the hell are you to question me? Pass judgement on me?

I've made it perfectly clear, don't like ERF, don't trust ERF, and believe he is a danger to himself, and the community.

As long as he posts his little hate speeches, then I can post a commentary of it.

If you don't like, don't read it.

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sapphoq said...

I lost quite a bit of respect for myself during that time of trickery and deceit and lying in Elder Ravenfire's coven. I have taken down my posts about him-- just yesterday morning.

I understand that you don't have respect for the way I carried on or for me and I accept that. I own responsibility for it and I don't expect people to grant me respect that I am not entitled to.

If you have some concrete proof of his dangerous-ness, then why not take that proof to the authorities? You most assuredly know him better than I do as I was just a make-believe journalist and a liar on top of that.

sapphoq has been my on-line name for many years now and is as much a true name as any other. I will not justify that particular choice to you. I have my reasons and that is all I will say about it.

What I did as little witch 14 was wrong, period. It was odd, but I found that the character I made up was [rather annoying as a teen but also] quite a bit nicer than I am. Dar, and, the Great Pinkish aren't legal names either perhaps. Maybe I've guessed wrong and that is alright by me too. You have no obligation to publish your satire under your own name nor to be direct with Elder Ravenfire about what you are doing here.

You are welcome to email me at my gmail addy if you wish to hold a constructive dialogue. If not, well that is alright. I have done too much to be able to hope for communication now.

And if you are still in Elder Ravenfire's e-group, then the question "why" comes to my mind. I don't believe the tripe that someone else wrote to me about trying to 'help' ERF by making him flame and then having ERF run back to the safety of his e-group where he will be helped to act more 'reasonably.'

If you are not still in his e-group, then once again my supposition was wrong and I take responsibility for that.

I am no fan of Silver Ravenwolf and I particularly am no fan of kids lieing to their parents about religion. In the United States of America, religious training falls under the domain of the parents. The only thing that makes ERF's teen group more palatable to me is that he has asked an older woman to moderate the e-group with him. I know that because the posts there are "public" and there are both an RSS and a Yahoo feed available for the taking.

I wish you well.