Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Morgan's Lake

Morgan is a friend. LIA and ERF and Morgan created Morgan's Lake.

This forum was supposedly created for Morgan. It was given her name, it was named after her lake.

Now, when she tries to exert control, and take it back and make it what she orginally wanted, LIA has come in when everyone is gone, and taken Morgan off of admin status. LIA has shut the board down.

Too bad, obviously LIA doesn't really want a free and open forum, obviously her promise that this was Morgans Lake, Morgans refuge, Morgans forum, was a lie.

But, now it's gone.


This is from Morgan. LIA has removed her posting privilages. She has removed her from admin status.

"I just want her to know that this is the wrong road and that we were turning this into something good. As it stands everyone is behind me and she only will lose by this action. LIA I see you have chosen to ban me from my own board and shut it down yet again. You cannot continue to run and hide in situations such as these. I'm sorry to say this but popular opinion is with me on this and I have spent many hours trying to rescue this board from the disaster it had become. This board was destined to be shut down sooner or later due to the copyright infringements and the many outbursts by Elder. Please reconsider your actions and lets make this something special. "


Per ERF the board was hacked. Which is a LIE!

Morgan had Admin status and as such had the right to go in and redesign it. Which she did.

ERF 'claims' his posts were deleted, a LIE. A few were accidentally deleted when sub forums were moved in the streamlining, however, 99% of his posts were simply moved into a new category.

Per Morgan, she wanted a place where she could lead discussions, she did not ask for the Lake, it was made and given to her.


Daven said...

Slight correction:

According to one discussion I had with Morgan, she expressed a desire that at some point in the future to have a board shere she could run discussions, EDB created the lake for her, named it for her and presented it to her as fait acompli. She never really asked for it, nor did she want it now. It was done behind her back.

fionnulaharp said...

ERF always says someone hacked his board when someone else takes control. In this case, Morgan had the authority to take control. She was one of the administrators.

And he really thinks we'll believe him?

ElderJoan said...

Oh but lookie what I found

Admiral Byrd said...

Take your pick, he's given three different reasons for the shut-down.

First he said it was hacked.

Then he said it was a problem with invision.

Then he said it was because Morgan and her drones staged a coup.

Come on ERF! Admit it was closed because you were unhappy with being shown for what you are and you closed the board down out of spite.

The Witch of the North said...

I always thought that LIA was a victim in all this...but she is as bad as eRF. She likes the drama of it all, and being the "martyr" trying to "take care of" eRF.

These two truly deserve each other!