Saturday, January 20, 2007

Interesting series of articles

I found an interesting series of articles on Witches Voice.

I like how the author puts it, they don't make assumptions or strict conclusions, but instead offer a variety of informations so the reader can go look for themselves and make an informed decision.

That is the list of articles entitled:
"Another Pagan History -- What's Really Old, and What Likely Ain't"

It's in nine parts, the ninth installment is summed up nicely with this:
Please read the books mentioned above. Check out Murray, then read her critics and detractors, then read Jani Farrell-Roberts's rebuttal. Check out some of the archeologists who swear that prehistoric artwork does NOT represent a Goddess. Then check out some of the scholars who swear that the artwork DOES represent the Goddess. Pick up a book by Dr. Gimbutas. Read Dr. Hutton's arguments against her theories. Read Max Dashu's arguments against Hutton's arguments against Gimbutas (tricky, huh?) Or if that bores you, go look at pictures of some matrikas. Try Googling "prehistoric" + "Venus figure" and "Goddess" + "Virgin Mary". That'll keep everyone busy for a while!"

I'd strongely suggest to anyone even remotely interested in the history of Wicca, Goddess worship, paganism, and witchcraft to read through the articles.

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