Friday, January 12, 2007

ERF aka EDB You can run, but you can't hide

Well, it looks like it got a little too hot in the kitchen for ERF...

He transferred his ravings to yet two more blogs. He really is stupid, like I can't find him?

It gets even better

He has decided that what has been written about Aradia is WRONG, but he knows better, so he fixed it.

You'll notice that when anyone tells him he has something wrong he goes into a complete rage, yet when he does it, it is okay, it is just someone being sexist or dumb, or just plain wrong.

This kid, and he is a kid, well, actually now that I think about we can't be sure. In one blog he says he is 21 and in another he says 22 and in another he says 29. I wonder maybe he has MPD, that would explain the paranoid delusions. Nah, he's just a lying idiot.

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