Saturday, January 20, 2007

So here we go again

I can only hope that the teen girl standing up to him in his yahoo group does not find his blog post about her and their debate.

I've been asked why I keep a commentary on ERF, well, I think his latest blog speaks for itself. A teenager disagrees with him, gives legitimate concrete reasoning for why she thinks the way she does. Instead of entering into a discourse, he slams her on his blog. It's obvious who the mature person here is, and it ain't ERF.

So much for thinking he might just maybe be growing up, huh?

By all means, critically review what he's written here:

However, he's blocked comments, he's not really interested in what anyone has to say, so you'll have to backtrack here to make any comments or reviews of his blog.

But that is what I am here for.


ElderJoan said...
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ElderJoan said...

Control Freak, Elderravenfire be thy name. As EJ said in her blog, it's not about teaching its about being right