Friday, January 12, 2007

How might your life be different?

How might your life have been different,
if through the years,
there had been a place where you could go?....
a place of women who knew the cycles of life,
the ebb and flow of nature,
who knew of times of work and times of quiet.......
who understood your tiredness and need for rest.

A place of women who could help you to accept your fatigue
and trust your limitations,
and to know,
in the dark of winter,
that your energy would return,
as surely as the spring.

Women who could help you light a candle and to wait.....

How might your life be different?

{I need to find the book this particular poem comes from, it is NOT mine. It is an excellant book for/on/about women's journeys. I found this poem when I was working on ideas surrounding Women's mysteries. Hope you enjoyed. When I find the actual book, I will post the title and author's name}


LadyJane said...

This is so so true. What a beautiful poem.

chocolate covered musings said...

that is from The Circle of Stones by Judith Duerk

It's a great book by-the-way. I can highly recommend it

(Perhaps you have already found out about the book and author as this is quite an old post, I just thought I would comment in case you still didn't know who it was by)