Tuesday, January 9, 2007

From a friend

So my friend sent me her introduction....OMG

My name is Elder Joan, that's EJ for shirt. I was born in 1982 so I'm about 20, 21, or 29. I have been on the path since I was 1 yeer old and was traned by the best at ERF "U". My path is Gardnerfareewow and it is my own, based on tru histery. Other paths but mine are crap. My beleef is harem none and even thooo I talk about it I do it anyway. I meen I don't do it. No No. One thing I was taut was that Christen Clams ate pagans. The rest wur killed in the burnin times. Christens are bad pepul and that is why thay brot clams in to eat pagans.

The burning times wur bad. Lots of pagans died, at least 2 milion. This is tru and I watch the desovury channel so I now. It has always been my wish to teech othurs my path and I will do just that because if anyone diagreees with me I will ban them and start a new groop. This may go on for years but I have time because as I sad I am only 17. Now I lik to write and I do publish some with copyrite. Pepole seem to think that I take some from others publish it under my name. Most of it they say no one would clam for their own. They were laughing when they said that. I don’t now why.

I will send more purls of wizdumb later.
Elder Joan

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sapphoq said...

Hale eldr jon !